Tongue Tie Q & A with Sarah Hornsby, RDH, Oromyofunctional Therapist

Tongue Tie Q & A with Sarah Hornsby, RDH, Oromyofunctional Therapist

What is a tongue tie? Do you or possibly your children have tongue ties? Is there any reason to do anything about it? In this episode, Daniel Lopez, D.O. interviews registered dental hygienist and oral myofunctional therapist, Sarah Hornsby. This video discusses the controversial topic of tongue ties (aka – ankyloglossia) covering many questions related to tongue ties for children and adults.

  • Tell the audience about yourself? How did you get to doing oral myofunctional therapy? (01:50)
  • What do oral myofunctional therapists do? (04:30)
  • Who is your ideal client base and what kinds of problems do people come to your for? (06:05)
  • What is a tongue tie? (12:18)
  • What are the different classifications for them? (16:05)
  • Why are tongue ties so prevalent? (21:15)
  • What kinds of effects do you see from adults who are tongue tied? (26:05)
  • How does someone know if they have a tongue tie or where can they go to get diagnosed? (31:35)
  • Let’s say someone is tongue tied, what should they do about it? What are their options? (34:25)
  • Walk me through someone working with you, what is the process like? (39:03)
  • Can you share some examples of what you teach your clients? (41:27)
  • What other issues do people work with you for? (44:30)
  • Where do people go to find you to learn more? (46:57)

Show Links:

Sarah Hornsby’s Webpage:

About our guest, Sarah Hornsby:

Sarah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene from Eastern Washington University. She subsequently became interested in the tongue and how the health of the mouth directly relates to the overall health of the body. She opened up her myofunctional therapy practice, Faceology in Seattle in 2010, and took the entire practice online in 2014, becoming the world’s first fully online myofunctional therapy practice. One of her passions is to spread and create awareness about myofunctional therapy. She’s appeared on the High Intensity Health podcast, Cognitive Rampage podcast, and is a regular contributor to She’s from the Pacific Northwest and currently lives in Hawaii where she consults with patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers from all over the world.

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