Top 10 Reasons OIM Offers The Best Tongue Related Bodywork

Tongue Tie Bodywork: 10 Reasons To Choose Us

When it comes to getting tongue tie bodywork for you or your child, we realize there are many options out there. The husband and wife team of Dr. Daniel Lopez and Dr. Sarah Curtis at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine (OIM) are the best, not just around Denver, but possibly nationally. Here’s a list of top ten reasons why you should choose OIM for your tongue related bodywork in no particular order:

#1 – They are fully-licensed physicians

Unlike other bodyworkers such as craniosacral therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc…, osteopathic physicians, or D.O.s, are the only ones with complete medical training. They have been through medical school, internship, residency. Their advanced training is rigorous. As a result, they start with much more comprehensive medical training than everyone else. They have then advanced their knowledge on top of that. Not all bodywork is the same, especially tongue tie bodywork. .

#2 – They don’t just do techniques

Many professionals are not trained in tongue ties and do not understand how the tongue affects the rest of the body. They claim to be tongue experts because they do a particular technique. The reality is unless they have taken specific training to evaluate and treat the tongue and airway, the techniques don’t matter.

Both Dr. Lopez and Dr. Curtis have spent years learning how to properly evaluate tethered oral tissues and how to treat and manage them as part of a complete team of myofunctional therapists, IBCLCs, dentists, and more. They know many techniques, but more importantly, they know how to evaluate the tongue for dysfunctions and to manually treat the areas better than anyone else.

They understand how their specific treatments affect other parts of the body better than other bodyworkers. On top of that, they know how to evaluate and treat the rest of the head and body to give the most comprehensive and complete tongue tie bodywork for the best outcomes.



#3 – They have been studying and treating tongue and lip ties for over 7 years


Dr. Lopez had a tongue and lip tie release approximately 7 years ago. Since that time, he has been studying and discovering how the tongue, lip, and airway affect the rest of the body. He has studied anatomy extensively to understand how the tongue is connected to the rest of the body.

Dr. Lopez had lectured about the tongue's effects on the rest of the bodyHe has lectured to groups and conventions nationally and in Colorado about how the tongue is connected to the rest of the body. His goal with his presentations has been to provide anatomic reasons to explain the bodywide changes observed after tongue and lip tie releases. Dr. Lopez has written extensively on the topic on his blog.

Dr. Curtis, who commonly works with babies, has been studying how tongue ties affect a baby’s ability to latch and suck since she was a resident in the Bronx. Since then, she has also been discovering how lip and buccal ties not only affect latch, but also craniofacial growth and tension throughout the body.

Together they have over a dozen years of practice experience specific to the tongue and airway-related bodywork. They know and understand the anatomy and its effects better than any other bodyworker out there.



#4 – They are pioneering tongue and airway related bodywork

Apart from studying and lecturing about how the tongue is connected to the rest of the body, Dr. Lopez has discovered a method to demonstrate how tongue posture affects body posture in real-time. Also, through his observations with patients Dr. Lopez has proposed mechanisms for:


Currently, Dr. Curtis is providing insights into how buccal ties are also affecting craniofacial growth and development in babies.

#5 – Dr. Lopez is a featured speaker

 Dr. Lopez was a speaker at the 2018 International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM) convention in 2018 in Charlotte, NC to talk about how the tongue is connected to the rest of the body. This lecture was anatomy-based to give clear explanations for changes patients notice after releases. Also, he has given his lecture to Vivos Therapeutics and the Colorado TOTS (tethered oral tissues) professional study group.

He has also been featured on several podcasts related to tongue and airway.



Dr. Lopez has been featured on "The Untethered Podcast"
Daniel Lopez, D.O. on "The Airway and Facial Development Collaboration"
Dr. Lopez on the "Breastfeeding Talk" Podcast

#6 – They teach about tongue tie bodywork

Dr. Lopez has put together online courses to teach about tethered oral tissue-related bodywork. Some courses are for professionals and some are for the general public.

One course, The T Element, teaches anyone self-manual releases for the tongue and mouth. This is a very powerful course for people who suffer from neck pain.

For professional bodyworkers, Dr. Lopez has another course titled, The Tip of the Iceberg, where he teaches about tongue ties and how to manually treat them.

Currently, Dr. Lopez is working on an extensive course called The Continuous Tongue. This is a course for professionals where he deep dives into explaining how tethered oral tissues affect craniofacial development, the body, and more. This course is filled with hours’ worth of anatomically based content that will give any professional a deeper understanding than ever before.

Dr. Curtis has table trained for the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation and helps teach 40-hour introductory courses to physicians, dentists, and medical students on cranial treatment. She teaches medical students and residents in her office about tongue-related bodywork. She has held workshops for Rocky Vista University osteopathic medical students to teach them about the same topic.


#7 – They have personal experience with tongue and lip tie releases

Most bodyworkers claim to be experts on the topic, but don’t have personal experience with tethered oral tissues. Dr. Lopez has personally had multiple tongue tie releases. Not because they reattached, but because he realized his prior releases were not complete as he became more knowledgeable. He found the insights to personally having experienced releases to be invaluable and gave him a deep understanding of the topic.

Dr. Curtis has not had a tongue tie release, but she has been able to experience the changes from Dr. Lopez’s releases each time. As a mother, she’s also had the personal experience of feeling the difference of a baby’s latch before and after a tongue and lip tie release.

Together, both Dr. Lopez and Dr. Curtis have family members that have done tongue and lip tie releases, including one of their children.


#8 – They are part of professional study groups

Dr. Lopez and Dr. Curtis are part of professional study groups related to tongue and airway. They are actively involved with the Colorado TOTS (tethered oral tissues) group where they have often hosted meetings.

As part of this and other groups, they stay up to date on the current advances and ideas when it comes to tethered oral tissues in other fields. This also allows them to collaborate with specialists in other fields.



Tongue tie bodywork reviews for Dr. Curtis and Dr. Lopez

#9 – Other professionals trust them for their bodywork

Many myofunctional therapists, IBCLCs, dentists, and other professionals involved with tongue and lip ties and their families get their tongue tie bodywork at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine. Knowing that they have options to go elsewhere, it is a big compliment and they are honored that many of them will travel to get their bodywork from Dr. Lopez and Dr. Curtis, even when others are closer.

They also get referred to when other tongue tie bodyworkers and others have failed. Although this is not ideal because outcomes are best when everything is done well from the start including having the right team members, they do their best to deal with the situation that is presented. At this point, it is much more difficult to get a good result, so they prefer to work with families from the outset if possible.


#10 – They have done osteopathically guided releases

Both Dr. Lopez and Dr. Curtis are trusted to work in collaboration with tongue tie release providers during releases to help guide and ensure an appropriate release. Although they do not do that regularly, they have attended releases with multiple providers around town. They are aware of the differences each provider has and have good knowledge of who to refer to for best outcomes based on each case.


Whether you are looking for tongue tie bodywork for yourself or a family member, you will get the highest quality care from the team at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine. They offer unparalleled skill and knowledge that no one else can match.

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