Thinning, Over-Plucked Eyebrows? A Natural At-Home Solution

With aging and other health problems such as with thyroid disorders, we end up with many health problems. One can be thinning hair and balding, not just in the scalp but eyebrows as well. I started to notice my eyebrows thinning over time as I started losing hair. At first it wasn’t obvious but then it started to become more and more apparent.

We’re always our own worst critic, but I don’t like my eyebrows disappearing. For me, the only solution I would like is a natural solution that also looks natural.

Where I really noticed it was with my older brother. His eyebrows on the outside are mostly gone. When I finally started getting into anti-aging and regenerative medicine, I was trying a round of platelet-rich plasma on my scalp, I asked if we could add some to my eyebrows. I didn’t just want to replace the hair thinning in my scalp, but my eyebrows too.

I eventually discovered that the power of stem cells could be harnessed not just as a solution for hair rejuvenation both at-home and more powerfully in the office, which I have used successfully, but also for the eyebrows. I didn’t like look of not having eyebrows. I never liked the alternative idea of painting the area, especially not as a man. Before I say more, a question about the ethics and source of stem cells comes up, so let me talk a little about that.

The stem cells in this case are mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow. They are obtained from bone marrow donor banks after going through a rigorous selection process. Therefore there is no ethical concern. Once the cells are obtained, they are cultured in selective media to release specific growth factors and cytokines.

You may be wondering what all that means? Well, when someone has stem cells injected into their bodies, it’s not the stem cells that divide and regenerate the new tissues. That could be concerning to have someone else’s DNA permanently in their body.

What science has found happens, is that the stem cells release signals to turn on and activate the person’s own stem cells to regenerate. The injected stem cells act more like conductors of a symphony. Part of the messaging molecules that stem cells use to activate healing is with specific growth factors and cytokines.

So even though we’re using the power of stem cells by using specific growth factors and cytokines, we’re not actually using stem cells topically. That would be pointless. They would like not survive but even if they did, applying them topically would not help as that is not where they are effective.

The technology today is fantastic. We now carry a product called Overnight Eyebrows, there’s even an Overnight Lashesby an innovative company called AnteAGE in our e-commerce store. Applying this topically at night can reactivate those dormant follicles and rejuvenate eyebrows and eyelashes.

In fact unlike other hair rejuvenation products, these are specific for eyebrows and eyelashes! I know in my case I started to see the areas that were thinning out start to fill back in.

My eyebrows may not be full yet, but they have grown there is growth where there previously wasn’t any.

All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home. That may not sound exciting to some but I love the idea of having natural and effective products that can not only help rejuvenate the hair on my scalp, but my eyebrows and lashes too. I bet there are a lot of people who would be excited about this.

We’re getting to a point with technology that losing hair and eyebrows can really be optional. Furthermore we can do something similar and turn back the clock on skin and help heal scar tissue, even from home.

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Daniel Lopez

I grew up in pain. During high school, college, and for years after I was always twisting in chairs, looking for corners to dig my back into, trying all the things people do for pain relief and getting nowhere. I was rarely ever comfortable in my body, even though I was in incredible shape. When I started osteopathic medical school, I had a realization: "How can I expect to help anybody if I can't even help myself?" After that I dedicated my life to finding real, lasting solutions for aches, pains, tensions, and other health problems, not just mask them. I am a hands on osteopathic physician and regenerative / anti-aging medicine specialist that helps people struggling with pain by using a unique blend of the best hands-on treatments with the newest, cutting-edge healing technologies along with online courses and other methods to improve the quality of and change people’s lives like I did mine by helping them be the healthiest versions of themselves inside and out. View online courses:

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