After just one treatment with Dr. Lopez, an issue I’ve had with my shoulder for over 20 years resolved…with just one treatment! He also worked miracles with my jaw and throat muscles and drastically improved the function of my tongue which had been causing difficulty with my ability to enunciate words. Suddenly I could speak much more clearly than I had in years. Best of all, these improvements stick. His techniques are generally very relaxing and his bedside manner is excellent. I highly recommend him to anyone!
Allison Suddard Briggs-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I have been a patient at OIM for nearly 4 months now. I was in serious pain due to inadequate care after major surgeries. What a difference 4 months make – I feel like I have my life back! I’m so thankful to my providers, including Drs. Curtis & Zarou, massage therapist Lacey, and athletic trainer Lori. I can’t recommend the team at OIM highly enough. They are kind, caring professionals who work together to ensure the best outcomes for their patients.
Jessica T.-Yelp Review (5 Stars)
I am so thrilled to have found Dr. Daniel Lopez Osteopathic Integrative Medicine. I have numerous issues I am working on which nobody has really been able to help. Daniel is amazing! I have had 3 visits and have noticed a huge difference in my overall health and stamina and my pain has decreased 95%. I don’t like chiropractors, and Daniel manipulates my body without cracking or twisting and the benefits last ! They do take insurance so ask about that when you call. So happy to have found my new doctors office. Check out their website as they offer so many different services. Great friendly staff.
Cheri McGrath-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
If you feel a little like Humpty Dumpty and you’ve tried all the kings horses and all the kings men, don’t give up. Dr. Lopez may well be able to put you back together again. My life stopped overnight when residual whiplash from 2 old car crashes and an annoying yet manageable level of headaches and migraines exploded into my now daily nightmare, complete with a host of neuropathic, vestibular, cognitive and other issues. On a recommendation, I landed at OIM, an open receptor with no great expectations and having never worked with a DO before. And here I am going back every week to see Dr Lopez. Others say they can feel the difference right away. For me, it takes a little time. Days even, before I realize what’s changed. Some of them stick, others revert and need a little more help. Each one is a gift that I cherish. I still have a road ahead of me, but for the first time in 7 years I am able to sit in a chair without intolerable tension yanking on my spine and neck, to lie on a flat surface without having to shove something under my head to elevate it, to walk as long and as far as I choose without discomfort. For the first time in 7 years, I no longer accept a life where I am able to just physically “get by” while I mentally thrive. I have a goal now. I won’t just be taking back my daily life when we’re done. I’ll be back to exploring life underwater in all its majesty, able to keep my head tilted back during dives and to carry that tank on my back. Thank you, Dr. Lopez!
Allison Carpenter-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
When traditional MD’s treated me with medication and no other alternative for pain OIM came through with real relief for me and a program that included exercise to aid in my recovery. Thanks to Dana Anglund DO, Kim Engell MS and CBPS, Jennifer Dougherty ATC and all the caring professionals at OIM for the comprehensive plan that dealt with all the aspects of my injury. My life can have a different outcome thanks to this treatment!
Mary Brownie-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
Very knowledgeable & professional staff. Everyone is so nice to deal with & most of all, you leave there feeling better than you did when you went in! Any time I have an ache or pain or even just an alignment, they’re my first call. And the office space is so relaxing & zen!
Wendy Cutler-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
Trying Dr. Lopez’s osteopathic work was a really great idea for me. It made me feel amazingly balanced through my shoulders in 1 visit. I carry a lot of stress and old injuries thru the neck and shoulders so the relief of the gentle work was remarkable. He also did some gentle work on my left psoas and iliacus muscles and the front of the capsule of my right hip. I think this combination relaxed the chronic knot in my left hamstring. I’m having a ton of fun being more active which has been great for my brain and overall health. It was nice to go into a medical office where the staff smiles, there was a big jug of filtered water, the chairs were comfy, my appointment started on time, and the Doctor was kind and gave me significant relief.
Moira M-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
Dr. Lopez was a game changer. Woke up this morning very much like every other morning for the past six weeks with pain throughout my back. After leaving his office I feel absolutely reset and revitalized. Staff was incredibly professional
Esq 5.-Yelp Review (5 Stars)
I had the VIVEVE procedure done this past week. I was tired of having to “Squeeze my Knees when I Sneeze”. Over the years I’ve had numerous procedures done for various reasons. I must say that doing the VIVEVE was the most comfortable treatment I have ever done! It was actually soothing and very rhythmic, so much so I dosed off through most of it. Its a warm feeling then slightly cool, it just lulled me to sleep. I’m excited for the next months to really get the full benefits. The staff was wonderful at making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m so glad that we now have this non-invasive option for us ladies! Highly recommend this procedure.
Paula Quezada-Facebook Reviews (5 Stars)
Calm, serene, clean, and no clutter. Staff is very friendly. No stress environment. I was able to relax here, which was very helpful for my (first) visit.
Heather Collins-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I went to Dr. Lopez because of back and leg pain (sciatica). I had been to a chiropractor and had some minor relief but it did not last. Then I tried physical therapy and did this for 2 times a week for 3 months and again had some relief but I hit a plateau and was not eliminating the pain. I heard about Dr. Lopez and did not know anything about Osteopathic treatments but decided to give it a try. Dr. Lopez is great, I felt a lot better after only one treatment and now, after 3-4 treatments my pain is so low I am no longer on pain meds (I do not take drugs so I was using Tumeric, Boswellia, and Relief Factor — and they all helped a lot). Talking to others who are in the waiting room I find many people are happy with Osteopathic treatments – especially Dr. Lopez. He has helped many with all sorts of pain issues and if you have not tried this type of treatment I highly recommend Dr. Lopez at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine.
Mike-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I went to Dr. Lopez because of back and leg pain (sciatica). I had been to a chiropractor and had some minor relief but it did not last. Then I tried physical therapy and did this for 2 times a week for 3 months and again had some relief but I hit a plateau and was not eliminating the pain. I heard about Dr. Lopez and did not know anything about Osteopathic treatments but decided to give it a try. Dr. Lopez is great, I felt a lot better after only one treatment and now, after 3-4 treatments my pain is so low I am no longer on pain meds (I do not take drugs so I was using Tumeric, Boswellia, and Relief Factor — and they all helped a lot). Talking to others who are in the waiting room I find many people are happy with Osteopathic treatments – especially Dr. Lopez. He has helped many with all sorts of pain issues and if you have not tried this type of treatment I highly recommend Dr. Lopez at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine.
Mike-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I have been working with Dr. Lopez post tongue tie release for some residual neck tension. After 3 sessions with Dr. Lopez, I have no more neck pain! I have never been to a D.O. before so this was a new experience for me. I could not recommend Dr. Lopez or osteopathic services more now that I have experienced it for myself!
Megan DeWalt-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
An answered prayer. I was advised to see Dr. Anglund through a friend after moving to CO and he has helped me a great deal. I also had Dr Quinn for PRP injections. I don’t have appointments as frequently as I’d like since I live 1 1/2 hrs away but when I do get to see the doctors here, they are fantastic and I’m very grateful to have found them.
Autumn Morgenstern-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I saw Dr. Lopez for some mysterious shoulder pain which he quickly resolved in just a few short visits. He took his time to get to know me and spent time looking for trouble spots throughout my whole body. He really aims to get to the root of the problem. I highly recommend Dr. Lopez!
Jennie Swenson-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I literally thought there was nothing that would help my migraines. Mind you, I also get the aura with my migraines, which takes me out for a good hour or more until it goes away. I refused to take any medications to just put a bandaid on the pain. Dr. Lopez has worked wonders. I almost didn’t want to talk about it to “jinx” it because it’s so hard to believe. I was getting several migraines a week. I just figured more stress= more migraines. Change in hormone levels=migraines. But I was wrong, there really is a way to combat the migraines, without just masking the pain. I have been seeing Dr. Lopez for over a month and haven’t had a migraine since. I highly recommend seeing him, he is a magic worker!
Hayley M.-Yelp Review (5 Stars)
Most amazing immediate results I’ve ever had in a medical atmosphere! I’ve been a life long avid runner since age 13, my passion. I’m now approaching 50. So when my leg starting going numb from knee down after runs, I attributed it to age and years of running. I just dealt with it. Until one day I couldn’t walk after an 8 mile run. I was on crutches for a week, thought it was severe shin splints or stress fracture. My neighbor who is on the staff at OIM asked about my injury. She said Daniel Lopez specialized in chronic nerve and sports related debilitative discomfort. I made an appointment not knowing what to expect. I thought I was going in for a steroid shot or pain prescription. That wasn’t the case at all….after reviewing my history, he started rehabilitation treatment right then and there. He knew exactly what the problem was in seconds. He spent over an hour “adjusting” every bone in my foot. Realigning he said. All of a sudden, I felt a warm sensation like an opening up my leg from my foot and all of the numbness was gone! He continued to perform chiropractor therapy throughout my leg and hip, explaining that my prior surgery on my turf toe, broken ankle in high school etc…had repositioned my foot to where impact and rotation were out of line. My leg instantly started feeling normal, strong, with each adjustment. Daniel said, “Ok, stand up and walk”. To my surprise, I stood without pain and all numbing was gone! I went in on crutches and left pain free! – like a miracle! I was so thrilled, I ventured across the street to a botanical garden along a lake and walked the 2 miles around the lake! Before I left, I asked him, “How did you do that?”. He said, “It’s what I do, I heal people”. Since then I have referred several people he is helping that have gone to many other doctors with no results. If you’ve tried everything else with no relief, it’s time to go to Daniel for any pain you’ve been suffering. He can help!  I am running regularly for few months now, pain free 🙂 And if any numbness starts to return, I know I can count on Daniel to fix it and keep me running! Thank you!
Kim B.-Yelp Review (5 Stars) - ``Not Recommended Review``
The office is warm and inviting from the moment you open the door. You can feel the thoughtfulness from the relaxing fountains and yummy scents before you’re greeted by the nicest receptionists who make you feel welcome and taken care of. I’ve had chronic pain and tension for well over a decade and have tried to find the stream of well-being and physical ease I could barely remember having at one point. After my first visit with Dr. Lopez I felt so much relief and relaxation, it lasted for days. After each subsequent visit my physical well-being was greater and lasted longer. Dr. Lopez shared with me how he was personally drawn to his work. It’s rooted in science and yet it feels like magic because I didn’t expect to feel so much better so soon. Now I’m feeling at ease and peaceful in my body. I’ve been able to do yoga, hike and even go for a jog. They offer free classes—basically it’s a buffet of well-being and you get to choose what appeals to you. So grateful for Dr. Lopez and all of those at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine for their sincere ability to return me to my wellness.
Hello Wing Spiritual Clarity-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
The term “cognitive coaching” was an unfamiliar term for me, but at this point I had tried everything. My 9 year-old had been sleep-walking daily for several weeks. The episodes were lasting 20-30 minutes, it’s pretty normal for kids to sleep-walk, I was told by his pediatrician. Except, I wasn’t sleeping, I was terrified he would hurt himself or go outside. I am so glad I met Greg at OIM, one session of acupuncture and cognitive coaching and I can say my son has not slept walked in ten days. I am ecstatic, words cannot describe how thankful I am for his effective treatment. Sleep medication for my son was not an option I wanted, personally. I highly recommend Greg Cicciu, he is truly amazing at his craft.
Carmen Martinez-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I went here because I had been experiencing hip pain on my right hip for a whole year after I had given birth to my third child. I didn’t know what to expect but I saw dr. Lopez and he was amazing!!! After the first visit I had only a little bit of pain for about two days and then after that my pain was completed gone. I couldn’t believe it. It was such a relief and I couldn’t recommend dr. Lopez more!!! My whole experience with OMI was great and I’m so so happy I went there. 100 percent worth my time and would highly recommend!!!
Jamie Perez-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I first came to OIM in November 2018 after chasing hip and leg pain for several months. Prior to finding OIM, I had seen physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors, and experienced short-term relief that was undone almost immediately after each appointment. I had been treating symptoms and knew I needed to find and treat the cause.  OIM did just that. I have worked primarily with Dr. David Zarou and athletic trainers Jenn Dougherty and Lori Gulmantovicz, who since Day 1 have been determined to identify the pain source and treat it.  Drs. Sarah Curtis, Daniel Lopez, and Dana Anglund, and massage therapist Lacey McCormick also have been extremely helpful in this effort.  Care coordinators Beth Hester and Elizabeth Foster are helpful, kind and compassionate – the administrative glue that holds everything together. The entire team has gone above and beyond in their collaboration, drawing on each other’s areas of expertise, and unique talents and insights to pin down the pain source and develop a treatment plan to help me heal. In a world of McMedicine and fast-tracked patient care, the team at OIM stands out as exceptional. They took time to get to know me and to fully grasp the complexities of my condition.  Their treatments, rehab sessions, and home exercise regimen helped me turn the corner and begin to heal.  I recommend them wholeheartedly and can’t thank them enough.  My being, my health, and my world all are better because of them.
Alison Karas-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
Dr. Lopez helped me with pain I was having post pregnancy. I had seen multiple people, including a physical therapist and chiropractor but just resigned myself to the idea that nothing was going to work. After ONE visit I felt better than I had in over a year! I don’t have a single ounce of pain anymore. I’m in awe of how he helped me! I can’t explain it, but he can! I learned so much from my visit with him.
Cameran Boon-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
Dr. Lopez has improved my quality of life immensely. I am thrilled to be able to do so much more in life with a lot less pain. My life long, crippling condition led me to many surgeries. My hopes were always to recover and get better but often more damage was done than was gained. Finally, my hopes are restored, I am getting better because of Dr. Lopez. He found the source of my health issues and pain without using invasive procedures. It is impossible for me to fully express my gratitude to the height that Dr. Lopez deserves. If you are in pain, don’t wait, do what you need to do to feel better because going to Dr. Lopez is life changing (I sure wish I would have had this advice years ago)!
Beckie M.-Google Reviews (5 Stars)
I’d like to start by saying .. HE SAVED MY LIFE! ~ Daniel Lopez, DO. I have had migraines for 8 years most weekends that lasted for 3 days at a time. So many pills with side effects did not help. I get them due to exhaustion and 8 hours a day of pushing on my patients. NO quality of life while socializing and travel plans are always ruined by a migraine or worry of the onset. Dr. Lopez was a total accident, I wasn’t looking for a DO, who knows what they do, right? My friend told me to see him, she is very picky, therefore I trusted her. Days before I was going to start neck injections and future nerve blocks into my neck for migraine treatment, I met with Dr. Lopez just to try.. anything. He spent an hour reading my body with his touch, some very gentle manipulations ( NOT A CHIRO! not anything like them) and my body was brand new with in hours. I left saying thank you, but you didn’t go right on my neck where the migraines start and goes along my jaw with piercing behind my eyes. He said just give it some time.. It worked!! He doesn’t promise miracles, so he asked how long it lasted at my next appt. I was one to have long lasting results. He doesn’t promise miracles or cures and doesn’t make you return. He just wants to treat/heal you, see how you feel, then let him know if you decided to return. Better than going to mediocre physical therapy over and over again that doesn’t help. I’m frustrated that a pain doctor would suggest 5 medications and needles into my neck before offering someone like Daniel. He’s my go to with migraines, or treating nausea after exercise, or to busting my tail bone skiing and not walking for a week while he was out of town. ouch! He’s my savior. I now can play, FEEL GOOD and feel balanced after his intuitive treatments. AMAZING! If you don’t like your quality of life for whatever reason, go see him. He’ll bring you back to what a person should feel like on your best day. I have to add here that when my tail bone from the left including the glute- I could not lay down or stand up without horrible pain that was exhaustion. But at the end of the injured week I walked home from a restaurant with this tail bone pain and I noticed my posture. It was insane? With all that pain below my hip, I could walk like never before with effortless perfect posture. I was so impressed and so thankful. He really does a full body alignment and I am so thankful I can walk up right without trying to posture up using the wrong muscles to stand up straight. Cycling , swimming and doing ultrasounds keeps my hunched over… no more. I was soo thrilled to have the confident normal uprights posture. Thank you so much Daniel!!!
Andrea D.-Yelp Review (5 Stars)
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