Probiotics Where? Surprising Places You Need Probiotics and Aren’t Getting Them

Probiotics Where? Surprising Places You Need Probiotics and Aren’t Getting Them

Many of us know take probiotics for gut health, but there’s other places where they are also important for our health you may not have thought of. The emerging science on the flora in our gut is showing that the “microbiome” of our gut is far more important than we previously realized.

The bacteria present in our gut helps with digestion, but much more than that. On top of that, the bacteria in our gut are involved with our personalities, moods, regulating inflammation and our immune system, preventing and fighting infections, and more. The balanced diversity of the bacteria is CRUCIAL for optimal health and function.

The bottom line is that the bacteria in our gut and body are not just harmless, but crucial to our mental health and physical health. In this day and age, there are many so many things in our environment such as antibiotics, radiation, chemicals, medications, and more that can destroy and disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria on our bodies.

Unfortunately, a consequence of modern day living is that we now have to be proactive to replenish the bacteria on our bodies when this would just have happened naturally in the past. The gut is a good place, but there are other places too…

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So what else do we need to consider? The mouth. Oral hygiene is so important to most people. Many of us brush, floss, and more. Our mouth and nasal cavity are a very different environment than our guts. For one, there is a lot more oxygen present in these areas.

With our modern day diets, antibiotics found in many of the foods we eat, pesticides, and other chemicals we ingest, the bacteria present in our mouth do not resemble the flora of in our mouths that one would find in nature. The glyphosate from Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide that is found in high concentrations on many of our genetically modified (GMO) crops does not directly affect our cells, but it wreaks havoc on bacteria. This indirectly affects our overall health. Therefore eating GMO’s would be helpful to avoid.

Bacteria are involved in cavity formation and the overall state of your mouth. These imbalances could lead to cavities, bad breath, and other problems. So how do we begin to change the bacterial flora and diversity in our mouths?

The first way to do this is to change your diet. Cut our sugary foods and carbohydrates. Also cut out GMO foods. Eat organic when you can. If you want to go further and take an probiotic for your mouth, I found one by a company called Hyperbiotics. The specific probiotic is called Pro-Dental. This has now become part of my oral care routine. I used it for a toothache I was having and was able to get improvement with that.

There’s one more large place that we need to consider probiotics where many of us have neglected…

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Many of us apply many soaps, lotions, chemicals, and antibiotics onto our skin that really disrupt the normal gut flora. Deodorants, antibacterial hand sanitizers and soaps, and even the chlorine in our shower water do damage to the normal balance of bacteria on the skin. Triclosan, an antibiotic, found on many of the antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, and products has now been banned.

The skin is the largest organ on our body. Many people commonly have skin related issues such as acne, body odor, to more severe diseases. To help restore normal flora of the skin and elsewhere, it can be helpful to get a little dirty. Spend time in dirt. Let your hands and other body parts get dirt on them. Diversity of organisms is important. The bacteria in the ground is not what it once was. Antibiotics are prevalent all over our environment and this has likely affected not just the number, but diversity once found.

Another trick is to get a chlorine filter for your shower head.

Probiotics for the skin is also not common, but they do exist in the form of a spray. The skin probiotic is called Mother Dirt. People use it for a variety of different things, but the main reason should be for the overall health of their skin and bodies.

It’s time we start taking the bacteria on our bodies a little seriously. Their diversity is unique to all of us. For the sake of our overall health and betterment, we should be doing what we can to optimize this. Our health and wellbeing depends on it.

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