Why Do Our Physicians And Athletic Trainers Work So Well Together?

Why Do Our Physicians And Athletic Trainers Work So Well Together?

Here at OIM, our physicians work with our patients to help find their way back to ‘neutral’, through balancing the body with a variety of Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques (OMT). However, once achieved, that is where the Athletic Trainers role comes into play at OIM. The AT works to help the patient ‘maintain’ the balance achieved in the osteopathic treatment.

To give a little bit of background information about Athletic Trainers, people often confuse AT’s with Personal/Fitness Trainers, or with Physical Therapists. Athletic Trainers are their own profession, which does overlap with both of those professions. The education and training of the AT is traditionally found on the athletic field in the realm of Sports Medicine. For example: when you see an injured athlete at the Bronco’s game: the individuals you see run onto the field to assess and treat the injured player, are Athletic Trainers (AT’s). There are also other layers of the treatment provided by the AT’s, which takes place before and after the injury. Before the injury, the players must be screened for muscular imbalances, for injury prediction and put into injury prevention programs.

Here at OIM, AT’s take those “before and after” aspects of their skill set and bring it to the clinic/physician office providing prevention, rehabilitation and overall wellness for injuries and/or conditions deemed applicable by the physicians. They help to identify any muscular imbalances (much like the physician), and follow it up with an exercise plan to help the balance achieved with your OIM physician STICK!

We do our best to try and schedule patients with ‘back to back’ appointments, so they don’t have to make a special trip for their rehab. The way it usually works is, the patient will see the osteopath and then work with the trainer directly after.

Quote from a patient:

“I’ve been doing the exercises twice a day and I’m already noticing a HUGE difference. I can actually put some weight on my arm again, and last night I didn’t wake up once. I was also able to sleep in all positions other than on the right side. My range of motion has also improved somewhat, to the point that it doesn’t hurt to get dressed. I couldn’t imagine waiting to tell you until my next appointment. Thank you so much for your help! I can’t believe how much better it is after just a few days.”

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