Osteopathic Self Care

At every scale of existence, life expresses itself as a process of transparent, interweaving ecosystems within ecosystems.  Each layer – molecule, cell, tissue, Earth, solar system, galaxy, Universe – brings detailed elements whose activities resonate throughout the Whole.  Within this grand dance, all behavior is the result of context.  All individual parts behave optimally and will thrive when in open, communal resonance with every other process in motion, and any part will wither when alienated by habituation, resistance or fear.

In Osteopathy and Continuum Movement we are committing to the process of more and more deeply understanding how we participate in conversation with the forces of change that constantly move through our own living tissues.  This form of self-awareness and self-care is about discovering your ability to embody a version of yourself that knows how to move without effort, that knows how to be in the world without struggle.  This work is an invitation back into an ancient and familiar conversation that has the ability to redefine a persons understanding of their own health.

For more information about Dr. Krembs’s classes on Osteopathic Self Care, contact Osteopathic Integrative Medicine at 303-350-7990

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