OIM Staff Spotlight: Greg Cicciu

Meet Greg Cicciu, our resident acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine specialist. He has studied and practiced traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture for 20 years. Greg assesses his patients by reading the patient’s pulse. Because your blood touches every single part of your body, from a cellular level to circulating through all of your organs, it tells a story about your body’s past, present and future. As a trained acupuncturist Greg says he reads his patient’s pulse the way a radiologist reads an MRI. Different types of pulses clue him into what is going on with his patient’s physical and emotional health. His work focuses heavily on pain management, treating depression and anxiety and treating infertility.

Greg fell in love with acupuncture back in the early 1990’s when he observed a trained acupuncturist taking a patient’s pulse and accurately describing his health and body, including current and past health events. In addition to using acupuncture, traditional Chinese Tui-Na massage and Chinese herbs to treat patients, Greg incorporates a technique called intentional conversations/coaching. With this technique, Greg uses visual and verbal cues to identify behavior patterns his patients have around their health, which can be anything from known food allergies to their patterns regarding anxiety or depression. He then helps them make shifts to break their limiting patterns. He has helped patients conquer smoking and weight loss as well.

Greg is a published author and internationally sought after teacher. Greg’s book, “The Pulse Atlas” was published in 2011, and he is close to being done writing his second book. He has traveled the world teaching seminars on Auricular acupuncture therapy, Tui-Na massage and pulse diagnosis. He is skilled in the art of cupping (for colds/flus or pain), and also uses auricular (ear seeds) to treat a host of issues, from headaches to hormonal imbalances.

Currently, Greg sees patients on weekdays (except for Wednesdays). When Greg isn’t working, he and his wife love spending time at home in Golden with their two cats and their dog. They have two daughters who are pursuing their passions in college and starting their careers.

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