Integrative Medicine, like Osteopathy, is concerned with whole-person care and is much more than simply the absence of disease. Integrative Wellness is the presence of functional reserve (quantity of wellbeing that is more than enough to meet the demands and stresses of life) combined with dynamic vitality (highest quality of wellbeing) expressed through the proper balance of body, mind, and spirit in harmony with community, environment, and Creator.

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Integrative Wellness draws on the wealth of multiple perspectives and traditions from both the science of medicine and the art of healing. Thus, the greatest contributions from “conventional western medicine” and “alternative” or “complimentary” treatments are combined to assist you to achieve and maintain those proper balances in every aspect of your being.

Using the 5 levels of healing philosophy information is gathered from the whole person. It seeks to address the needs of the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and energetic bodies present within all of us. Practices may include muscle testing for dietary sensitivities, meditations, meridian tapping, and homeopathic or herbal remedies.

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Your body is designed to be healthy. Health is its natural state. You are fully equipped with all the necessary machinery for healing. Healing is a continual, natural process that is occurring every moment. So then, the primary responsibility for health lies with you. The responsibility of your physician is to find and support your body’s innate healing and to assist in the removal of any barriers to that natural healing process.

At Osteopathic Integrative Medicine, interventions that support normal physiology will always be preferred to those which may work against or disregard normal physiology. In addition to any healing intervention, we emphasize:

  • Healthful balance in diet, including fresh living foods, the avoidance of processed “foods,” and the avoidance of those foods which may be triggers for impaired healing in your body.
  • Healthful movement and exercise at the correct level for your body to support and increase health.
  • Healthful balance of stresses and activity with peace and rest to allow your entire being to be challenged enough to promote growth and development, while making sufficient time to rest and regenerate.
  • Procuring and promoting a healthful balance in self, community, and environment.
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