How do athletes benefit from osteopathic manipulative medicine?

Osteopathy looks at the body as a dynamic unit of function with structures and functions that are interrelated at all levels. Optimum health and athletic performance requires integrated function of all of the various parts. A problem in one area, organ or system will produce both local and global effects.

For example, a simple ankle sprain can result in the transference of abnormal biomechanical forces to your knee and/or low back so that those areas are also compromised and predisposed to problems. Injuries and associated pain can also produce biochemical abnormalities that may negatively impact hormone function and alter neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). To put it simply, the entire body is connected together and can be effected by multiple biomechanical, bioenergetic and biochemical factors. Osteopathic manipulative medicine helps optimize overall function and addresses the entire individual as a dynamic, synchronized and integrated whole.

How can osteopathic manipulative medicine improve human performance? Gait abnormalities can increase the energy expenditure of walking by 300%. Increased energy expenditure affects your efficiency and may reduce endurance and speed. Abnormal biomechanical function increases stress on the body and predisposes to overuse injuries (repetitive microtrauma). Improving motion and function will allow your body to function more efficiently and with less biomechanical stress.

Osteopathic physician’s (D.O.’s) don’t just treat bones. We look beyond just the musculoskeletal system to include the visceral, craniosacral and bioenergetic systems. We use osteopathic manipulative medicine to improve motion and function over multiple planes and systems throughout the entire individual in an effort to optimize motion and function. Come and discover the Osteopathic difference!

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Daniel Lopez

I grew up in pain. During high school, college, and for years after I was always twisting in chairs, looking for corners to dig my back into, trying all the things people do for pain relief and getting nowhere. I was rarely ever comfortable in my body, even though I was in incredible shape. When I started osteopathic medical school, I had a realization: "How can I expect to help anybody if I can't even help myself?" After that I dedicated my life to finding real, lasting solutions for aches, pains, tensions, and other health problems, not just mask them. I am a hands on osteopathic physician and regenerative / anti-aging medicine specialist that helps people struggling with pain by using a unique blend of the best hands-on treatments with the newest, cutting-edge healing technologies along with online courses and other methods to improve the quality of and change people’s lives like I did mine by helping them be the healthiest versions of themselves inside and out. View online courses:

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