5 Doctors Told Said There Was No Hope For Her Unborn Child

It’s not every day I post a review a patient left for another osteopathic physician. This story, however, is beyond worthy of sharing because many of us need to be reminded about the potential power of what osteopathy can accomplish. Stephen Myles Davidson, DO is my mentor and colleague. His osteopathic treatments are at another level than anyone else I have met.

I heard about it many months ago while talking to him, but now the patient has also shared her story. So often, I read about so many osteopaths and other organizations from around the world who spend their time focusing on what we “can’t” do and telling everyone about it. Dr. Davidson, on the other hand, taught me how to push forward and and ask “how can we?”

When Nicolette came to Dr. Davidson, she was 29 weeks pregnant. It was suspected that she was exposed to the Zika virus, which causes microcephaly. Microcephaly is a potentially deadly malformation where the head and brain do not develop to their normal size. Sometimes parts of the brain don’t grow at all and survivors often have major complications.1

At that point, her unborn child’s head was at the 2nd percentile and shown no signs of growth for 9 weeks. For any parent or potential parent, this would be highly distressing. So Nicolette went to five doctors. All basically told her the same thing: “There is no hope. If her child did survive the birth, the child would have severe deformities and disabilities.”

I do not know how or why Nicolette ended up at Dr. Davidson’s office, but she sought his help. Perhaps, like many people who come to osteopathic physicians, it was her last resort. Anyone who has been treated by Dr. Davidson knows it’s a unique experience unlike any other. He humbly approaches patients and treats them in a way where they don’t understand what happened, but they know they feel better afterwards.

I remember spending time at his office as a student while he treated a pregnant woman. After treating the mom, he started working on the child in utero. It was the first time I had seen that and it really blew me away that that was even possible.

Three weeks after the treatment, the head head size for Nicolette’s unborn child was at the 10th percentile! By the time her child was born about 11 weeks after initially going to Dr. Davidson, her child’s head was in the 43rd percentile. Not only did her child survive, her child was born without any “severe deformities or disabilities.”

It can be easy to just say it was just a coincidence or that it was the margin of error on the equipment. It can be easy to conveniently turn a blind eye to the idea that the osteopathic treatment had anything to do with this. Do I think this was from Dr. Davidson’s treatment? Absolutely.

This is the doctor who about a year after treating a Parkinson’s patient, the patient’s neurologist said that his diagnosis must have been wrong because the patient’s symptoms were gone. This is the doctor day in and day out was doing what is considered the impossible and reversing scoliosis in patients. This sort of thing is the norm in his practice.

Properly applied osteopathic principles are powerful and I for one will always keep asking “how can we?” and push forward.

  1. https://www.cdc.gov/zika/hc-providers/infants-children/zika-syndrome-birth-defects.html

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I grew up in pain. During high school, college, and for years after I was always twisting in chairs, looking for corners to dig my back into, trying all the things people do for pain relief and getting nowhere. I was rarely ever comfortable in my body, even though I was in incredible shape. When I started osteopathic medical school, I had a realization: "How can I expect to help anybody if I can't even help myself?" After that I dedicated my life to finding real, lasting solutions for aches, pains, tensions, and other health problems, not just mask them. I am a hands on osteopathic physician and regenerative / anti-aging medicine specialist that helps people struggling with pain by using a unique blend of the best hands-on treatments with the newest, cutting-edge healing technologies along with online courses and other methods to improve the quality of and change people’s lives like I did mine by helping them be the healthiest versions of themselves inside and out. View online courses: https://daniellopezdo.podia.com/

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  • Carolyn Agosta

    Amazing story, Dr. Lopez! Thank you for sharing it. I will pass it on. So often people ask me why i see an osteopath – this makes it clearer. You, the osteopath, look at the WHOLE person, even in-utero. It does look like “magic.” Thank you!

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