3 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Immune System And Reduce Inflammation

3 Ways To Boost Your Immunity and Reduce Inflammation

3 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Immune System And Reduce Inflammation

Are you confident in your immune system? If not or even if you are, what if you could boost your immune system and reduce systemic inflammation more than it is now? Chronic inflammation, whether from low level infections to autoimmune issues, is highly damaging and aging to the body. 

Reducing inflammation will free your body’s immune resources to focus on what it deems most important. On top of that, boosting and balancing the immune system can help your body fight whatever pathogenic invaders you come across without underreacting or overreacting. Here’s three ways you can start tipping the balance more in favor of your immune system. 

3 Ways To Boost Your Immunity and Reduce Inflammation

#1 Priority: Heal Your Gut

This is actually much easier said than done, but should be a major priority for anyone wanting to boost their immune system. Systemic inflammation, IBS, skin problems, autoimmune problems, food sensitivities, and bloating can all point to gut issues. A major portion of the immune system is concentrated on the gut. 

Whether it is medications such as antibiotics, processed foods, or anything else, the gut’s microbiome can be disrupted and wiped out in ways nowadays that we could never do in the past. When we disrupt the gut, we lose biodiversity of the flora. When I was a kid, I was put on penicillin for a year due to chronic infections. How much damage did something like that do to my gut? 

The balance of the microbiome can change to where pathogenic bacteria are unchecked to do damage they could not previously. Eventually, we can have areas in our gut where the protective mucosal layer is damaged. Suddenly things that were never intended to enter the bloodstream are able to get in with ensuing health problems. This whole process can take years to materialize from initial gut insult to chronic health problems. 

Unfortunately, this is not as easy to heal as letting a cut on your skin heal. Many people go to the store and buy probiotics believing this can protect them. Most of the time, people take them without ever noticing any real change to their problem. 

Most probiotics unfortunately are ineffective at best in restoring biodiversity to the gut. In the end, the mucosal barrier is never healed. So how do we effectively heal the gut? 

The best solution I have found is a 3 part process from a company dedicated purely in gut health (I’ll put a link on how to order at the bottom of this section). The first part is a spore based probiotic. “What is a spore based probiotic?” I’m glad you asked. You see one of the problems with many probiotics is that the bacteria don’t survive passing through the stomach. Then the next concern is if they colonize the large intestine after going through the small intestine. 

The spore form of 5 Bacillus strains have been clinically shown to maintain healthy gut barrier function and overall immunity is a hardy form that survives harsh environments and stays dormant until they reach more favorable environments. Once they reach an ideas environment, then they change into their active form and start colonizing the gut and restoring balance. 

Personally, this is the only probiotic I have taken that I felt made a difference. I noticed after taking it that belly was less bloated and that my cravings were better. I also didn’t feel like I had to eat so much. 

To boost the immune system, healing the gut should be a priority

To start out, one takes only the probiotic for a month. After the first month, the next step is to add a prebiotic for a month to the probiotic. Prebiotics are like food for the beneficial bacterial to help them flourish. The prebiotic is made up oligosaccharides that specifically select for certain beneficial bacteria in a healthy microbiome beyond the ones in the probiotic. This reinforces the beneficial bacteria in the gut helping to restore biodiversity. 

The last part is to reestablish the protective mucosal barrier in the gut. This is often a missing piece in many gut healing protocols. Restoring the protective mucosal barrier is crucial to helping heal from leaky gut issues. Without it, the previous work won’t be as effective in healing and restoring optimal health to the gut. 

On the third month, you switch the prebiotic for the mucosal supplement (still taking the probiotic). Take that for at least a month, but how long the process takes can depend on how much gut damage there has been. I would expect having taken antibiotics multiple times and for a year, my gut will take longer than three months. 

How do you know if you’re done? If you stop a part and any of your symptoms return, then you will want to continue that part for another month, then try again. Follow that process until you’ve completely tapered off. You can go redo this process as often as you need. 

You can even take the probiotics while taking antibiotics. I have a patient who is on this. Historically, she has always had a yeast infection after taking antibiotics. She had to take antibiotics during the time she was on the probiotic. She said for the first time in her life, she did not have a yeast infection after the course of antibiotics. 

If you suspect that you have gut issues, you’re not alone. Take the steps towards healing your gut, reducing inflammation, and helping your immune system by creating an account here. The probiotic is named MegaSporeBiotic, the prebiotic is MegaPrebiotic, and the mucosal supplement in called MegaMucosa. 

(Get started here)

#2 – Molecular Hydrogen

You likely have never heard of this and it probably doesn’t excite you very much hearing about this. Honestly, it really surprised scientists. A study had shown to be reduce melanoma in rats in 1975, but didn’t get paid attention to until 2007. Another group of researchers found that it helped protect the brain after strokes in rats. More protective than an FDA approved drug. 

Hydrogen is the smallest element on the periodic table. Because of its size, it can get to places other molecules can’t easily. Molecular hydrogen can readily cross the blood-brain barrier, the cell membrane, the cell nucleus, and even the mitochondrial membrane and exert its therapeutic effects there. 

Molecular hydrogen can modulate signal transduction, protein phosphorylation, gene expression, act as a selective antioxidant (only having antioxidant effects when it’s beneficial), and turn on genes that protect the cells. 

Although the mechanism is still not understood, molecular hydrogen has effects on cell modulation. It was found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-obesity effects. 

If that didn’t make sense to you, molecular hydrogen has been shown to protect cell DNA, activate protective genes, act as an antioxidant, reduce inflammation, reduce allergic reactions, and trigger weight loss. 

Molecular hydrogen is small enough to get into the cell nucleus and have a protective effect on DNA and activate protective genes

Human trials are now being done on many disease processes. Here’s some to name a few: Ingestion of hydrogen-rich water is beneficial for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, mitochondrial dysfunction, exercise performance, athletic recovery time, wound healing, reductions of oxidative stress from Hepatitis B, improvements to blood flow, periodontitis, in dialysis, and quality of life in patient’s receiving radiotherapy for tumors, and more.

There are studies on showing that it has antiviral properties and scientists have been looking at whether or not molecular hydrogen helps protect from the damaging cytokine cascade caused by influenza or COVID19. 

Hopefully after reading this, molecular hydrogen supplementation sounds a lot more sexy in terms of what it can do. But how do you take it? 

Molecular hydrogen can be taken in many forms, it can be dissolved in water and ingested, injected, or inhaled. In the long run, the most economical way to take it is to use a special water bottle that makes molecular hydrogen. There are many molecular hydrogen bottle scams out there so I wouldn’t recommend just buying whatever. 

The company I like that has some of the best customer support I have experienced and  information on how to not get scammed is here. I recommend the SportMaxx with inhaler. If you suffer from migraines, autoimmune issues, or any other major health problems, you may also want to get tablets to have twice a week. The tablets are more concentrated than the water bottles. 

The overall benefits of molecular hydrogen are so impressive and safe, everyone should have a molecular hydrogen maker they drink from. 

(Pick up your molecular hydrogen products here) 

#3 Boost your immunity with AHCC

If you hadn’t heard of the benefits of molecular hydrogen, you probably also haven’t hear of AHCC (active hexose cellular compound) as an immune booster. It is a compound made from the mycelia (roots) of shiitake mushrooms. 

It is supported by over 30 clinical studies. It boosts immunity by optimizing natural killer (NK) cell activity, enhancing cytokine (immune-signaling molecules) production, optimizing T-cells and macrophages, and increasing activity and number of dendritic cells. 

All those are cells related to your immune system. AHCC has immune modulating and optimizing properties. AHCC has even found to be a natural and effective treatment for HPV. Yes, the same HPV that is an extremely common sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer in women. 

In a study, many of the women taking 3gm of AHCC from 3-6 months were able to fully eradicate the HPV. More research is still being done, but early trials are showing promising results. 

Better than waiting until getting a viral infection to try to get rid of it after the fact, is to be proactive and give your immune system a boost so that it can deal with the pathogen from the start. 

(Pick up AHCC here) 


Whether you do one or all three of these strategies, make sure that you’re being proactive about keeping your immune system strong. In this article we discussed a three part process to healing your gut, why you should be ingesting molecular hydrogen, and the immune boosting power of AHCC. 

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